Terms and Conditions

When booking an apartment, the following General Conditions will govern the stay between the guest and Enjoy the sea in Colonia. These conditions apply to the selected accommodation during the period stipulated in the reservation.


  1. Payment and Contract

The guest can make their reservation through our website. The reservation will be confirmed once we have received the correctly completed reservation form and the reservation payment has been paid. Payment is to be made within seven days of making the reservation. When making the reservation, the guest declares at the same time that the General Conditions of Enjoy the sea in Colonia have been read and understood and that they are accepted. Enjoy the sea in Colonia reserves the right to cancel the reservation.


  1. Payment Method

- 25% of the total rental cost to be paid when making the reservation for this concept.

- The remaining 75% must be paid by cash or by banking transfer 7 days before the start of the rental period.

The amount of € 150 must also be paid as a security deposit.

In cases where a reservation is made less than 7 days before the start of the rental period, payment must be made by cash for the total amount upon arrival at the apartment.


  1. Prices

Published prices are subject to change without prior notice.


  1. Eco-Tax

Rental houses are subject to Law 2/2016 and Law 13/2017 that require the collection of tax on tourist stays in The Balearic Islands. The law applies to all guests except for children under 16 years of age who are exempt.

The tax is as following:

High season: from May 1 to October 31

- Stays shorter than 9 days: € 2 per person per day

- Stays of 9 or more days: from the ninth day 1 € per person per day

Low season: from November 1 to April 30

- Stays shorter than 9 days: € 0.50 per person per day

- Stays of 9 or more days: from the ninth day € 0.25 per person per day

This tax is not included in the agreed price for the reservation of the accommodation and must be paid in cash on the day of arrival according to the corresponding tax settlement document for each guest.


  1. Arrival and Departure Times

Entrance to the apartment is available from 5 pm and departure time is to be before 11 am on the final day of the reservation. If for some reason you cannot arrive on the first day of the rental period due to problems during your trip or for personal reasons etc., or if you shorten your stay, Enjoy the sea in Colonia will not make any refund.


  1. Cancellation by the Guest and Refund

The guest has the right to cancel the booking, under the following conditions:

If the contract is canceled up to 60 days before the start of the rental period, the guest will not be obliged to pay the remaining amount due, the amount paid when making the reservation will not be refunded in any case.

Cancellations are only accepted in writing. The date of a cancellation will be taken as the date when Enjoy the sea in Colonia receives the confirmation of the cancellation in writing.


  1. Cancellation or Provision of Alternative Accommodation by Enjoy the sea in Colonia

In cases of force majeure or the unavailability of the property for the rental period, Enjoy the sea in Colonia will offer the possibility of opting (when possible) between the provision of alternative accommodation of similar characteristics, or the cancellation of the reservation, with full reimbursement to the guest.


  1. Requirements of the Guest

Occupation of the accommodation will be limited to the number of people indicated in the reservation. The owner or the administrator of the keys has the right to prevent entry to the accommodation in cases where the number of occupants exceeds the agreed occupancy.

All guests of 16 years or more must provide a copy of their Identity Card or passport to Enjoy the sea in Colonia in order that they be declared to the General Directorate of the Police or the relevant security body as required by law.

The guest will receive the property in good condition of use, closed, clean and tidy. The guest is obliged to leave it in the same condition, and that the garbage has been emptied.

The guest will be responsible for both their own actions and those by the other occupants of the house. Likewise, guests undertake during their stay to respect public order and coexistence with the rest of the neighbors. Guests should not behave in an antisocial manner or carry out activities that may endanger the tranquility and coexistence within the neighborhood.

The stay of any type of animal in the house is expressly prohibited. The use of the house for parties or events is also not allowed without having first notified Enjoy the sea in Colonia and gaining consent.

Of course, no works of any kind can be carried out, nor can the property be transferred to third parties.

The use of the stove or fireplace is forbidden, its use is only allowed under the explicit permission of Enjoy the sea in Colonia, and only in winter.

In case of negligence or inappropriate behavior Enjoy the sea in Colonia and the owner reserve the right to cancel the stay with immediate effect and without notice. In such a case Enjoy the sea in Colonia will not be obliged to return the rental amount paid by the guest.

The guest confirms knowledge of the registration number of the house for tourist stays and that it can be found on the booking website and is available at any time.


  1. Security deposit

The security deposit will be returned to the guest by the same means made during the reservation within a maximum period of 15 days from the date of departure. A full inspection of the accommodation will be carried out and the security deposit will be returned if the following conditions have been fulfilled:

• There is no damage to property or contents.

• There are no charges for illegal activity, pets or fines to the tenant.

• All waste and garbage have been deposited in the municipal containers available nearby. Non-compliance with this condition will result in a minimum penalty of € 50.

• All the keys are deposited in the agreed place and the property is left closed.

• The sheets and towels are not damaged.

If the guest causes damage to the apartment at a value greater than the deposit paid, the guest must pay the difference without delay upon receiving the full amount in writing by Enjoy the sea in Colonia.


  1. Minimum Stay

The minimum stay is seven days, with arrivals and departures on Saturday. More advantageous prices are offered for stays of two, three or four weeks


  1. Included Charges

The rate includes a set of sheets and towels upon arrival. We suggest bringing beach towels because the ones in the house cannot be taken outside.

Final cleaning is included in the price of the reservation.


  1. False Reservations

Any reservation obtained with false information will be subject to charges and the rental period cannot be guaranteed.


  1. Exceptions and Dispensations in Writing

Any dispensations must be communicated in writing.


  1. Advice and Suggestions

Please keep quiet during the hours of rest, especially in the communal areas and stairs when entering and leaving homes.

Since our apartments are situated on the seafront, there are often pleasant sea breezes and light winds, due to this please be careful with the doors, especially glass doors, which could break and cause damage. Likewise, we ask you to have the outer curtains firmly tied in case of wind. The use of umbrellas on the terraces is not allowed.

When using the coffee machine bottled water is to be used, not tap water. Please follow the dishwasher instructions on how to use it and how to add cleaning detergents. Similarly, check the available user manuals if you have any questions about the use of electrical appliances or appliances in the home.

Take special care in the kitchen or with any electrical appliances or appliances that produce heat, in particular candles should not be left unattended at any time. Make sure everything is completely turned off before leaving. In the home you will find a fire extinguisher, it is only to be used by a responsible adult if necessary.

We are on an island and water is a scarce and precious commodity, we request that you use it with moderation and prudence. Likewise, please do not throw intimate hygiene products, or objects that may cause a blockage, into the toilet.


  1. Claims

Complaint Forms are available to all guests if required.


  1. Responsibilities

Enjoy the sea in Colonia will not assume any responsibility for the following situations:

  1. Negligence or omission of services attributable to third parties.
  2. Robberies and theft from the accommodation.
  3. Damage to people or objects caused by force majeure or unforeseen setbacks to which neither Enjoy the sea in Colonia nor its representatives (key administrators) can respond.
  1. Cleaning and disinfection against Covid19

Cleaning has always been one of the things that we have always tried to do as scrupulously as possible since I personally believe that it is very very important when we travel. And much more now that we have to fight against new viruses. We are very aware of the disinfection systems and we have incorporated specific products, protocols and techniques to make the space as free of viruses and bacteria as possible.

You will also find hand sanitizer gel at the entrance, and also flip flops in sizes M and L so that each guest can choose a pair, as a plus to help keep the apartment virus-free during their stay.

If you feel unwell or have symptoms compatible with Covid19, we urge you to contact the health systems urgently and scrupulously follow their instructions, and then it should be communicated to the apartment owner.

We hope that the situation will improve for everyone. For our part we will continue to do our best to avoid any contagion.


Remember that the telephone number of the assistance service for the guest is +34 626689698. This number can be used for calls or WhatsAPP messages.

More information on our website: www.enjoytheseaincolonia.com